ERPWare + X3msoft = ERPWare

This autumn is kick started with a merger between ERPWare Ltd and X3msoft, Inc. Through the merger, a new company will emerge with double the resources and new offerings. The two business software and financial experts will continue their joint operations as ERPWare.

Our Services

Enterprise Resource Planning

Financial Services


Cloud Services


Why ERPWare

ERPWare is an innovative and agile service company that helps other companies with digitalization, financial process streamlining and overcoming the challenges of an ever-changing business software landscape. Our goal is to be a customer-centric whole product solution provider. We do this by offering business software (ERP), financial services, customized solutions, analytics, cloud services and API-based data transformation.


We have a broad and long experience of comprehensive services for Standard ERP by HansaWorld and Odoo, as well as other ERP systems.


We are determined to deliver on the promises made. We always develop the best possible solutions together with our customers.


Our services include competent and several industries comprehending consultation, customizations, and even challenging integrations. We can offer comprehensive service agreements that give you personalized service even with a short response time.

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