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With our comprehensive analytics solutions, our customers get the tools to develop and optimize their business. We build, modify and refine reporting tools to meet the company’s needs.

Why an Analytics Solution?

The governance and management of each company requires up-to-date information on different key performance indicators and functions. Various analysis tools are used to present and analyze these KPIs.

We provide the entire analytics software implementation process, starting with defining source data and KPIs, or reviewing and developing existing KPIs.


With the help of an analysis software, even large amounts of data are processed and validated in an instant. The results of the analysis are presented graphically or narrated. This ensures that all interested parties have access to the same information. 


Thanks to its ease of use, analytical tools can be used directly in business processes after implementation. With a little practice, it is easy to create your own performance indicators for the company independently.


Many different data sources are combined into a single data warehouse, making it easy to share business specific KPIs across your organization.



Qlik Sense puts social collaboration at the center of the analysis. Workgroups and teams can share analytics anywhere, anytime, on any device. The responsive touch interface always adapts the visualizations in the best possible way to each platform.


Thanks to the narration function, several users can share their opinions in the form of a presentation. Comments, storytelling, and questions that arise on the fly can be added to the presentation. In this way, new insights are easily disseminated and enable new insights even within the organization.


With Qlik Sense, you can combine data in different formats from different sources, as well as combine and cross-analyze these. Thanks to open APIs, software developers can effectively extend the capabilities of Qlik Sense and integrate the application into their own web pages or into their own customized software’s.

Microsoft Power BI


Easy to use with other Microsoft apps. It’s also possible to integrate Power BI with hundreds of different systems and handle reports in multiple formats.


Thanks to its dynamic functions Power BI works well on multiple platforms and editing is easy for the users. Particularly good drill-down functions allow very detailed data analyzing.

Constant development

With a large and active community, Microsoft Power BI is evolving and getting better every day. Millions of day-to-day users adds value to the development.

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