ERPWare – Resource planning

A modern ERP system streamlines processes, which leads to increased sales and cost savings. The system is the core of the business, regardless of industry and size of the company.

Standard ERP

Standard ERP is an enterprise resource planning system designed for SMEs, working in almost any industry. Accounting, ledgers, quote-to-order chains as well as inventory management are part of the core functions of Standard ERP. In addition to this, it is possible to choose from a wide range of additional features that are fully integrated with other parts of the system.


Standard ERP is localized to support both domestic needs and global needs.


One of the strengths of Standard ERP is the traditional workstation software, which guarantees that data input is fast and the user interface supports multi-window technology.

Digital Office

Standard ERP has extensive customer relationship management (CRM) features such as e-mail, document management, electronic conferences, graphical calendar and task management.


Odoo is one of the market-leading business systems and a modern platform for digital solutions. Odoo has 7 million users worldwide.


Odoo is user-friendly due to its modern interface as well as efficient search and reporting features.


The Odoo system can be adapted to the customer’s specific needs with the help of good interfaces.


Odoo provides excellent support for agile business models, which means that it can be implemented cost-effectively and quickly.

Why ERPWare and ERP?

We design, develop and implement the best package as a turn key solution. We educate and provide support in the use of the system. We provide services in Finnish, Swedish and English.


When business figures are easily accessible, clearly visualized and up-to-date, it’s easy to focus on leadership and decision-making. The whole picture of the business can be analyzed at a glance.


Real-time and easy-to-share financial data helps you analyze and develop your business to ensure growth and profitability.


With up-to-date information, task monitoring is simple. By structuring and combining data, you can manage inventory, accounts, and documentation.


All steps from marketing to sales in one place. Marketing letters, offers, order confirmations are automatically sent to the customer. Sales and budgeting are readily available and monitored in real-time.


Outsourced modern cloud-based solutions free up more time for the essentials. Outsourcing ensures that your hardware, software and applications are always up to date.


Automated order processing and invoicing will allow the service to focus on the essential tasks. All information is easily accessible and upgradeable, which means that it is easy to react to even the most demanding service tasks and serve the customer.

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