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Solutions and Development

Our solutions are state-of-the-art and easy to use. We possess good development platforms with which we save both time and money.

ERPWare Solutions

In addition to systems, we offer a unique combination of integrated third-party services for reporting, analysis, payment terminals, e-invoicing and other important functions in the company. There are industry-specific modules to choose from that are fully integrated with other parts of the system. Our products are localized, fully integrable, reliable and state-of-the-art.


Long experience of customer-centric integrated solutions for various systems and processes to streamline the daily operations of the customer.


We always strive to find innovative solutions and operating models with a modern approach.


We are constantly developing advanced and state-of-the-art value-added solutions for the Standard ERP and Odoo software platforms.

Mobile solutions


The Duuna FSM mobile application has been developed for all types of field work, including field maintenance, installations and project work. Duuna FSM helps its users manage overall processes.

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DUUNA 24/7

Duuna 24/7 is a software solution for businesses that want to keep their stores open for customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This solution allows customers to purchase spare parts or other accessories when the need arises. By using handheld terminals to collect items from a sales order, the information is stored in the system, and after logout, the system automatically sends an invoice to the customer.

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Duuna SM is a service management solution suitable for companies that conduct service operations on their own premises. Examples of such companies are, for example, companies that service cars or boats. Duuna Service is used to control service processes regardless of whether they are seasonal or order-based service tasks. The time and materials consumed are collected from the maintenance work and invoiced to customers.


Duuna Works is a service package that includes the integrated systems Odoo Enterprise (ERP) and is a cost-effective and easy to use mobile work management software. With Workinfo you can manage employees, workshift calendars, resources and tasks. Work hours, expenses, products and resources entered in Workinfo are automatically transfered to Odoo ERP

Point of Sale


Our selection includes a variety of payment terminals, which are sure to suit everyone’s needs.


Our POS-solution (point of sale) has extensive up-to-date reports that allow cash sales to be handled in detail in real-time.


Our POS-solution is a ready-made package that includes software, payment terminals, and receipt printers. The barcode scanner can easily be connected as an accessory to the system if necessary.

Purchasing, storage & selling


Electronic order receipt system, for example, through the EDI channel. The orders are automatically delivered to the business system as orders to be delivered.


We have developed a comprehensive integration with PrintNode. With the solution, one can automatically print, for example, product labels when products arrive in the warehouse.


Our wholesale solution includes for example subscription solutions that make it easy to retrieve product information from the database services that maintain them. With the self-service store concept, the end customer can make independent purchases 24/7.



We always start projects with an assessment, which determines the current state, needs and requirements for the new system.


Based on the needs assessment, the necessary technical specifications and their documentation are made. Necessary development issues or software changes are coded, tested, and validated. At the development stage, systems are configured based on specifications.


We train all users and ensure a sufficient level of competence before commissioning. We prepare the necessary user instructions.


When it comes to migration of legacy data, we help with basic information and the transfers from old systems. We provide the necessary support during and after migration.

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